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Our Background

Delicious Salads & Catering

Mama's Flavors, the homemade salads and catering business, was a dream and a vision for Carmit Attal and Limor Moalem. For years, even before the beginning of their catering career, their families and friends enjoyed the indescribable tastes of their cuisine which were always creative, passionate, and delicious! As their home in Israel was far from reach, their longing for the traditional Israeli food grew. There was a need for a bigger part of Israeli food in the community. The variety of tastes, smells, and colors could never compare to those that they have been surrounded with since their moving to America, which encouraged the need of homemade traditional Israeli food to the Jewish-American community. Carmit and Limor decided that this was the perfect time to follow their dream to go on a culinary adventure, which ultimately led to the development of Mama's Flavors! The exquisite tastes of Mama's Flavors salads are now an inseparable part of countless dinner tables all around. Their goal with is to share Mama's Flavors with innumerable numbers of homes near and far.

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